About the Club

Discover more about this unique club, built for you, one boule at a time.

Our roots, our goals

Trafford Pétanque was started in 2016 by two Pétanque enthusiasts.

  • Trafford Pétanque started in 2016 by two Pétanque enthusiasts
  • Trafford Pétanque started in 2016 by two Pétanque enthusiasts
  • Trafford Pétanque started in 2016 by two Pétanque enthusiasts

In 2017, we officially registered with Pétanque England. We believe in developing this great inclusive sport of pétanque in Trafford, in order for all to enjoy.

Unlike many sports, we play 52 weeks a year. Additionally, Trafford Pétanque covers it's own maintenance costs for the public facility within Victoria Park, Stretford.

Our team is made up of people from all ages and background as we stand for inclusivity. We are also known for having a #ballsout attitude.

Petanque in Trafford

The positives & the negatives

An increasingly popular sport in Trafford

Trafford Petanque Growth

Core Statistics for Trafford

  • Annual Increase 100%+

    Some sports are struggling to attract new players. However, pétanque is bucking the trend in Trafford with membership doubling each year.

  • Aged between 14/72

    Evidence that pétanque is a sport for all ages to enjoy where both youngsters and seniors can play alongside each other.

  • Low Entry Cost £14

    Membership cost is very low compared to other sports clubs. For example, Tennis £149 (www.idealo.co.uk) & Golf £901 (www.englandgolf.org).

  • Exercise 10,000

    In a four hour period of playing you can potentially reach your recommended daily exercise limit in steps & squats.

  • Unfortunately 40%

    of our members can not use the terrains at any one time due to limited facilities/space so far on offer in Trafford. This is not good.

  • There are only 04

    pistes in Trafford compared to over 50 in the borough of Kirkless in Yorkshire, placing Trafford in a disadvantaged position.

Club Constitution

Our club constitution is publicly available. It outlines how we do things for the benefit of the club and more importantly, the community. Pétanque is all about equality, were everybody should feel welcome.

Download our Constitution